A conscious label fusing romantic femininity with modern practicality

Joyelle means ‘her joy’. That feeling of utmost bliss; of falling in love; of precious moments when the innermost soul of a woman is completely aligned with her outward expression. Our hope is that each piece encapsulates this feeling, providing modern women with romantic silhouettes that inspire joy, happiness and unapologetic femininity.

The Joyelle Woman

The Joyelle woman loves beauty.

She believes in love and the romance that comes with it.

Whether a friend, a wife, or a mother, she’s passionate, full of grace, and desires clothing that reflects the unseen attributes of her heart.

Yet, she lives in a modern world.

She has a busy life to live.

She needs pieces that will serve her practically, pieces that can be worn over and over and still be cherished for years to come.
Through curved lines,

soft details,

and thoughtful craftsmanship,

Joyelle Collection designs clothing for the woman who desires more than a garment.

Each piece is dedicated to her -

the Joyelle woman.


Clothing as an extension of the soul

Joyelle Collection understands that clothing goes beyond the physical. It’s something that has the potential to illuminate soul and spirit. When we find something to wear that resonates with our hearts, we begin to embody our true selves.

We aim to marry romantic feminine designs with conscious yet affordable practicality in order to suit the ever-changing needs of the modern romantic woman.


After working in the fashion industry for a number of years, Hannah, founder and designer of Joyelle Collection, saw a need for a new paradigm in womenswear.

Why was it so hard to find clothing that was not only thoughtfully made with the feminine figure in mind, but also versatile enough to be worn day after day, season after season? In an effort to design such pieces, she began sewing her own clothes. These styles were not only practical for running errands, but filled her soul's need to express femininity and beauty in the midst of accomplishing ordinary tasks. This led her to consider, "How many other women must desire this too?"

After nearly a decade of living in New York City, Hannah moved to Los Angeles to start Joyelle Collection: a collection of modern staples that inspire unapologetic femininity. Her hope is that through these romantic and versatile silhouettes, women will stop waiting for special occasions and start wearing the pieces they love!